Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Helping Papa

Baby Ben loves to help Papa.
His assistance was invaluable during a little repair job last night.
He talks to Papa and calls him by name.
This morning the two of them worked together to hang some blinds.
It was early, and we were all still in our pajamas.
Baby Ben decided a snack was in order.  He zoomed down the stairs.  He's holding a cup which he filled with salted chocolate-covered almonds.
Baby Ben likes to lick the salt off the almonds. 
Ben asked me why the almonds were wet.
I told him not to worry.  So he didn't.
Baby Ben loves to play and play and play.
And if that's not enough, I not only pay for free shipping, but I pay for free Daniel Tiger.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quiet Day

The morning started out very quietly, with Papa and Baby Ben checking their messages.
We came to Dallas for Middle Ben's baptism.
We had just a little difficulty gathering people for pictures.
In this case Corinne and I each grabbed a passing child.
These two didn't need to be corralled together.
Kate and Ella sang a beautiful duet.
Refreshments, of course, were delicious.
I will confess that I had to hunt to find Jane.
Big surprise, I found Baby Ben in the nursery.
Afterward, we came home for lunch, which some people slept through.
Down time is valuable.
Everyone needs it.
We got silly at lunch, but we were quiet.
Wearable food is quiet.
No sleepers were awakened in the taking of this picture.
No sleepers were awakened for dessert, either.
I cropped sleeping people out of this photo.
We had fun putting together a puzzle, but by then the sleepers were awake.
We went to a park after lunch.
Ben said, "Up, down," on the teeter-totter.
He says, "Whee!" when he's having fun.
Jeff found something interesting for Show and Tell.
Fortunately, my camera has a zoom lens.
Everyone else was fascinated.
No snakes were harmed in the taking of these pictures.
Luke and Baby Ben cleaned up before we left the park.
Sometimes, the excitement never ends.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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