Thursday, October 22, 2015

Humiliation and Defeat Can Be a Lot of Fun

Visiting Dave's family is always wonderful.
First up, Papa Ben and Nate caught up.
Guess who is learning the trumpet?  He's pretty good, too.
Ya kinda had to be there, but Matt played Heart and Soul on the piano while Jacob played Heart and Soul on the trumpet.  Except Jacob is only allowed to play in the other room.  Cause, well, he's loud.
Loud things also happened outside, where the trampoline is.
But loud is good when it's laughing.
Anemones are pretty quiet, though.
I love Dave's tanks.
Dave trades coral for fish.  This makes me very proud.
At some point, the memory games started.  I played hard.
My best is no longer good enough.
I was pleased to tie with Julia.
That didn't last.
She gave me another chance.
We took a break for dinner.
It was fabulous, for many reasons.
Including this one.
Nathan cleared my plate, and then we were back to playing.
Nathan beat me about ten times in a row.  He started feeling sorry for me.
The ultimate humiliation is when a 7-year-old lets you win.
I used to beat Melanie without even trying.
Tomorrow.  Everyone promised me more chances tomorrow.
Even Will.  Although our game is chess...  Wish me luck.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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