Thursday, January 21, 2016

Janet, Don't Look!

Thursday is tamale day at Cafe Rio.  I don't like to upset relatives who can't join us for take-out, but we did in fact enjoy our meal very much.
Baby Ben knows what he likes.
"Sip? Sip?"  He is so polite, and he always says, "Tank you."
Late in the afternoon yesterday Corinne and I took Ben to a park.
The sun was just setting, and with it went any heat we thought we might have.
Should we stay or should we go?
When it's cold, and our boots won't stay on....well...
It was time to go.
But not without first checking out a stick.
My family room has been transformed into a wonderful play area.
Ben is quite fascinated with little cars and trucks.
This morning he studied wheels.
Later in the day we went on an outing.  He raced out of the garage only to promptly fall on the ice.  He's saying, "I'm stuck. I'm stuck!"

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