Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ready, Set, Go!

Papa Ben took Baby Ben sledding this afternoon.
Baby Ben was very excited to have me bundle him all up.  Because it's so cold, I have never done a more thorough job.  He was very patient.
Papa began on our small side hill.
Not every run ended well, but Baby Ben was always ready to go again.
The snow was icy.  Baby Ben has little mass.
The sled zoomed.
One last run, and then we moved to a bigger hill.
On our walk, we saw a lot of deer tracks, but fortunately, no deer.
This hill was bigger.  Ben started the sled at about mid-way.
The sled zoomed right past me but stopped on its own.
Up the hill again.
Ben went higher.
This time the sled stopped about two feet from the stream.
I stopped taking pictures for awhile so I could catch the sled.
Baby Ben was saying to Papa, "Ready, Set, Go!"
I'm now getting scared.  Not these two.
Notice the sled isn't leaving any tracks.  It's zipping down the hill and I was scrambling at the bottom to stop it.
By this time they had mastered the departure technique.  Ben lifts his foot and releases the sled.
Baby Ben didn't squeal or yell or scream.  At the bottom he says, "Papa, Wait!"  That means, "Let's do it again!"
Ben's eyes at the top.  Mine at the bottom.
Loads of fun.
One last time.  And that was my decision.
Because, seriously...

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