Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Up in the Air!

Camille and Kyle watched the hummingbirds for awhile this morning.
The kids had fun with the magnets. I love watching them cooperate with each other.
Kyle built a soccer ball.
Nate built a 2 dimensional triangle.  With Kyle's help, it suddenly became 3. 
Luke created a tower from his allotment of magnets.
With additions from the other creations, Kyle's soccer ball grew.
Steve, who arrived at midnight last night, made breakfast for everyone today.
This is an Egg McMarkham.
Julia definitely approved.
Camille is delightful.  She enjoyed the plane ride yesterday.
Luke was happy to have new people to play with.
An uninvited guest joined us for breakfast.  I not only saved the day, but I saved the spider.
Corinne met her newest nephew, Lewis.
Camille read a story to Ben.
Ben enjoys playing around all the other kids.
Adele was a little shy this morning.
Kyle likes my toys. That makes me happy.
In the middle of everything going on, Melanie found the time to work on a project in the garage.
With Mom in the garage with Melanie, Julia practiced riding Ben's scooter.
Camille sailed up and down the sidewalk.
Ben found the remainder of someone else's hot chocolate.  I think he liked it.
Before too long, we made a trip to the pool.
Kyle and Jacob dived for rings.
I enjoyed watching them play together.
An underwater test would come later in the day.
Julia likes this new life jacket, but she still works hard on swimming.
Camille has a lot of fun in the water.
Jane has fun under the water.
Ben can have fun anywhere.
He and Jacob thought they had found a dead bug.  To their surprise, the bug was very much alive.  I was able to save the boys, maybe not the bug.
Luke is growing into a strong swimmer.
Janet spent most of her time with Lewis and Adele in the shallow end.
Lewis likes the water, but he likes his mom more.
Lewis is fun to watch.
Kyle loves to learn new things.
Jill met us at the pool.
Luke was happy to see her.
Jill made friends with Adele and Lewis.
Jeff and Steve began launching the kids.
Everyone loves this.
Kyle was flying.
Jacob worked on fancy moves.
Kyle went up over and over again.
So did Jane.
Jacob's moves got fancier and fancier.
Kyle appeared to jump in the air.
Nate took a turn.
Kyle looks like he's riding a longboard.
Jane squeals with delight when she's having fun.
Nate intently worked on getting high.
Luke took a turn.
At this point, Ben told his mom that he wanted to go to Dewey's house.
Camille finally worked up the courage to try.
The audience cheered her on.
Another turn for Nate.
Jane, again.
Jacob launches like a rocket.
The kids knew the launchers were getting tired.
However, Camille is now in the thick of this.
Another turn for Nate.
One last turn for Camille.
Jacob took over for Jeff.
He did pretty good.
Jeff returned, and Jacob did a 360 in the air!
The guys decided to see how long they could hold their breath.
The little kids petered out in less than 30 seconds.
At 1:47, Jeff took a breath.
Steve can hold his breath for 2 minutes and 29 seconds.  I was impressed!
In the meantime, Camille counted the freckles on Jill's arm.
Back at the ranch, I ordered Cafe Rio for lunch.  Adele wanted a sandwich.  I had leftovers.
Ben knew what he wanted for lunch.
Lewis didn't have Cafe Rio, either.
While waiting for lunch, this group played Magic and had a great time.
Jill braided some hair.
I need to take some lessons.
I asked for a mister system to cool the deck.  It turned out to be a shower system, but with Dave's help, it's much better now.
Waiting for lunch is made easier with some electronics.
Corinne's old Barbie dolls helped pass the time.
Lunch finally came.  Steve let me know it was ok to take his picture.  Thanks.
Almost everyone suddenly departed to visit Jill's grandparents.  The rest of us either napped or made cupcakes.
Adele is a good helper.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves cupcakes!
Dave and Jeff cooked kabobs.
After dinner, Steve lit the candles.
Then we sang the unbirthday song.
We are all excellent singers.
Ben couldn't get enough cupcakes.
Twenty years ago, Jeff sent me this mug from Germany.  I gave it back tonight.
I had taunted Dave for weeks about this gift.
He was sincerely pleased, and that made me happy.
Lewis is an easy child to please.
Jacob got the coolest gift.
Jacob was willing to share, but he had to win a few games first.
Who would have ever thought that an analog game could have such appeal?

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