Friday, September 23, 2016

Last Day with Scooter Man

Ben likes popsicles.  Purple is a favorite.
This morning Ben and I checked on Casper.
We also went around the lake.
Big first:  Ben stopped to wait for me.
Some mornings are more gorgeous than others.
We saw a heron.
Tumbles don't matter at all.
Ben is easily distracted, which gives me a chance to catch up.
A small pile of sand caught his attention.
And he was off.

He found a hole.
But then he was quickly back on the scooter.
He found a special stick which made it all the way home.
Corinne and I have worked on many projects this week.  Ben helps.
While Mom worked with a hot glue gun, Ben and I took a break upstairs.  Ben loves the door bell on the doll house, which was a gift from Aunt Carolyn.
He rammed the tower with a train.  About 10 times.
Confucius made a rare appearance and investigated my camera.
Cousin Luke recently taught Ben a clever way to go down the stairs.
A treat was in order.  Yes, it's Blue Bell.
Then a game of hide and seek.
Unfortunately, Ben got stuck in the mountain again.

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