Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More of Scooter Man

Corinne and I decided a walk around the lake this morning was in order.
The sun cast fun shadows.
It's a challenge to get Ben to hold still so I can take a picture in something besides sport mode.
I do my best to keep up.
You are likely very worried about this face, but he's stuck in the mountains again.
You could be worried here.  He took a tumble when his scooter hit the grass.  Over he went.
As he stood up, he said, "It's ok.  Try again."  And off he went.
After returning home, he played in the zen garden.
Our days are filled with errands and projects.  Corinne planted a pot with flowers.
Bahn Mi was on the agenda for a late lunch.
And pho.  This was wonderful.
Ben thoroughly enjoyed a side dish of crab.
He has begun practicing with chopsticks.
He's getting pretty good.
During an outing yesterday, Ben pulled this toy off the shelf and put it in the cart.  He loves playing with it.

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