Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rubbish Truck & Other Adventures

Ben and I got an early start this morning.
We were hunting for the garbage man.
Ben calls this the rubbish truck.
We actually stalked him, but he didn't seem to mind.
Then we headed out on a walk.  Ben got stuck.
We found a really great stick.
It was a busy day, but we found time to put together a few puzzles.
In the afternoon, Ben squealed with delight while Papa washed the deck.
Ben helped for awhile.  A cookie break was necessary.
Ben kept a close eye on Papa with the noculars.
We checked the traps we have set for the yellow jackets.  Ben was a little cautious.
Jill dropped in to say hi.  She likes our new attraction.
Ben demonstrated his skills.
Jill's mother accepted a quarter and played, too.
Lewis brought his parents this afternoon.  He and Ben are old buds.
Luke and his family arrived.  He's getting pointers from Uncle Steve and Papa.
He was mesmerized.
Uncle Steve took a turn.  He's amazing.
Jane took a turn, too, but she has other interests.
We had a birthday party.
We sang a round of Happy Birthday.
We sang Happy Birthday to this Ben, too.
Gifts for the un-birthday people were in order.
Sometimes I get lucky in this department.
For the record, this is Steve being polite after one of Jeff's jokes.
My estimation is that Steve's joke was just a little funnier.

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