Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pecans and Cookies

While chatting around the kitchen table this afternoon, I cracked pecans.

Julia helped for a little while, but this was harder than it looked.

Knowing their purpose, Melanie helped, too.

It takes quite awhile to get enough pecans to make cookies, but we did it.  They were sweet and fresh.

After putting the dough together, many of us went for a walk.  Ben was brave this afternoon.  Two of his older cousins followed him outside the lookout.

Jacob borrowed my camera and stalked a heron, taking this wonderful shot.

While waiting for Papa and Corinne to return with Indian food, I baked the cookies, which were intended for dessert.  Kids asked for a pre-dinner snack as the wait was longer than expected.  Since adults (not me!) had already snitched, I could hardly say no.

Ben said they were great.
Jacob, taking a severe fall from favorite grandchild status, said the cookies were "good."

Julia gave me a thumbs up.  Whew!

For the record, dinner was fabulous.

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