Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Perfect Day

A completely unexpected invitation this morning allowed our family to visit the new temple this afternoon.
Despite all I have heard and seen, I was still unprepared for its magnificent beauty.  I honestly didn't want to pinch myself for fear I'd wake up only to find the experience wasn't real.
Afterward, we celebrated Matt's 16th birthday.
Everyone was ho hum about my sweet and sour chicken until they took their first bites. I'm glad I made extra.
Matt was especially pleased to learn the green peppers were in fact pea pods.
The meal was made extra special with my favorite napkin rings, Nana's silver, and my wedding china.
These kids now know when we eat in the dining room, they have to stay and talk.  It was glorious.
Will offered to wash the glassware and silver for me.
I don't know the context, but for the second time today I was taken completely by surprise, this time when Papa Ben read poetry to us while we cleaned the kitchen.

"Look, The Cue Matches the Ball!"

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