Friday, January 15, 2016

Morning Snow

Last night's meal was made more exciting when dinner was served in a boat in the living room. The boat only capsized once.
This morning, I bundled up Baby Ben and took him out in the newly fallen snow.

He wasn't sure about this at first, but he soon completely adapted.
Papa Ben's help was necessary in recovering mittens.
After that adventure, Baby Ben helped Papa make pancakes.
Baby Ben enjoyed a sampling of blueberries from the silver cup.
He was very curious about the entire procedure.
And the results?  Of course he loved them, especially the whipped cream.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Giant Animals, Little Boy

Baby Ben has been experimenting with our cold weather.  When he came back inside this morning he held up his hands and said, "Too hot."
Too hot it was not, but he knew it was too-something.
I have a favorite measuring cup, one I'm sure is older than a few of my children.  Baby Ben loves it.
A few flakes of snow began falling as we left for the Bean Museum.  Baby Ben was enchanted.  "Rain?"  He wasn't sure what was happening.
Baby Ben pointed to Shasta and said, "Tiger!"  Close enough.  Papa Ben and I love to tell that we both saw Shasta when she was alive  She was a favorite exhibit of mine when I was a little girl.
When he saw the tiger, he said, "Tiger!"  Yes!

Baby Ben saw the elephant and said, "WOW!"  Then he proceeded to run around and around its base.
We spent the most time at this exhibit.  It was hilarious and might be my new favorite at the Bean.
Ben had fun racing through the tunnel, too.
This kid can climb anything.
While Ben enjoyed being at the museum, and he was curious about the animals, mostly he loved running.  He has one speed, and this is it.
He was a little concerned about the alligator. Notice how closely he is holding Papa.
If science museums are a place to learn and be curious, this exhibit should win a prize.
Ben shouted a loud "What's that?" as he ran by the last collection.

Life Below Freezing

It's cold here.  Corinne found her old slippers.
Everyone enjoys them, even Dave from last week.
Everything is an adventure for Baby Ben, who enjoyed helping Papa make the bed.
He was delighted to find a button to push -- his favorite thing.
Papa Ben is always careful when brushing a little boy's' hair.
If you are interested, Baby Ben weighs 26 pounds.
Baby Ben and Mommy showed me a few yoga poses.
At lunch yesterday, Baby Ben asked Papa Ben for a bite of his Korean mango ice bar.
He liked it a lot.
Papa Ben had to go without.
The truth is, Baby Ben is adorable.
Baby Ben found Papa's bird-feeding clogs.
Once he got the shoes on, there was no parting them from him.
Later, Ben accompanied himself for quite some time while he sang.
Ben had a little banana snack yesterday.
Then a short nap was necessary before dinner.
Papa Ben decided to have a musk melon bar for dessert.  These are very cold.
Same song, second verse.
He let Mom have a bite. 
This morning, Ben looked for Percy.  I helped him find Confucius.
Then he found Casper.  Amazon says Percy will arrive Monday.
At breakfast, Baby Ben was comfortable at his favorite place by Papa.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Favorite Visitor Returns!

Baby Ben has returned for a winter visit!
He was thrilled when Papa came home.  He followed him around the house, calling his name.
He reluctantly agreed to stay with me while Papa and Mommy left together.
They had special tickets to see the new temple.
I had ideas for the two of us, but Baby Ben had his own plans.
I was left alone to make cookies by myself.  I chopped the oatmeal instead of using the blender so I wouldn't disturb the sleeping angel.
He tossed the balls aside when Papa and Mommy returned.
Not content to sit where I had placed him, we rearranged the chairs so he could sit by Papa.
"Sip? Sip?"  He said.  I love this child.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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