Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blast From the Past April 2016

For several general conference weekends I have been going through a large bin of photos which came from Ben's mother's home.  This was the first picture I scanned this morning, which was one I sent to Ida Mar after the birth of sweet baby Cori.
In 1919, Ida Mar was herself an adorable little girl, complete with hat and doll.

The following year she lost the hat but kept the doll.
Thirty years later, Ida Mar was caring for her own flesh and blood little boy.
In 1855, William Don Carlos Markham was born in Spanish Fork.  He was the son of Stephen Markham, a great pioneer of the Restoration.
One of the many sons of William Don Carlos was Stephen David Markham, born in 1885.
In 1910, Stephen David married the beautiful Phoebe Isaac.
Their son Ben S Markham was born 9 months later.
Ben worked for Utah's Bureau of Land Management.  Among other duties, he instructed others.
He also worked very hard with his associates.  He's shown here on the right.
This priceless photo shows Stephen David holding new baby Ben, with a proud father on the right.
Many years later, the baby grew up to be a father.  Before mailing this picture to his mother, Ben wrote on the back, "Four-day-old-football gets passed around to her brothers."
This adorable photo of little Jeffy was in the box.
Also in the box was Sammie's picture.
I'm not surprised this was in the box.  I love it and sent it to everyone I knew for Christmas one year.
Ida Mar herself wrote on the back on this photo, "Ben being chased."  She did not say by what.  It looks like a four-legged chicken.
Ida Mar's first child was Judith Ann.
Judith Ann was a happy and much-loved daughter.
Ida Mar loved many children during her years as the president of the Palmyra Stake Primary Presidency.  She is shown here between her two counselors.
Ida Mar had a large extended family.  She is standing on the left between two brothers.
Ida Mar's father was John Wiley Redd, born in Utah in 1886.
His wife was Lydia Nielson, a hard-working woman who, according to her grandson Ben, was the best cook ever.  Ask him sometime about her cooking.  It will not be a short conversation.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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