Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blast From the Past, Long Day

I scanned in some wonderful pictures today, but a few were very old and needed some care and attention.  This 1887 photo is of Ben's grandfather John Wiley Redd standing on a chair.  His older brother Parley is on a box.
Siblings was the going word today.  Ben's mother Ida Mar is on the left, next to her brother Pep.
I love this photograph of Ben and his older sister Judith.
This is a very tender picture.  Judith's oldest son died 20 years ago.  This is a Polaroid photo, meaning it's unique.  Steve has his arm around his baby sister Michelle.
Ida Mar loved her mother, center, and her sister, Louisa on the right.
I have always loved Louisa's name.  Say it with a long I.
This happy picture shows Ida Mar with her second grandchild, Michelle, who is holding a big, stuffed dog.
Aren't these cute girls?  Ben did some sleuthing on Family Tree and believes these are four of Grandpa Redd's sisters.  I am so delighted to be related to Princess Leia on the right, known in real life as Hazel.
On the other hand, this photograph was identified in great detail in small printing on the back.  Ben's father worked for the Bureau of Land Management.  In June of 1940, he spent two weeks packing into the Colorado River studying the flora and fauna.  If you look closely, a healthy beard is evident.  He also described the vehicle, "an old V-8 Ford."  I'll say.
Isn't this a great picture?  These three Spanish Fork boys all served in the Northern Far East Mission when Japan was one mission, where now there are 7.  Steve Wilson is on the left, and Kelly Crabb is on the right, with of course a very handsome Ben in the center.  They are still friends and even still speak Nihongo together.
This is a very large photo of our family that I was able to digitally stitch together.  Maybe next conference I'll try again so where it was stitched isn't so obvious.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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