Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Shark is a Man

I arrived at Jeff's house before 7 this morning.  Bradley and Luke told me they had stayed up all night playing Skylanders.  It is fun for everyone to see these two play together.
After Jeff's yummy breakfast burritos, we were off to the aquarium.
There is a lot to see.
Our family loves the aquarium.
Jill and Luke are building a loving relationship.
Ben was beyond excited about going today.
This toucan tried to bite Baby Ben when he reached for the wire.
He was a little startled and pulled back.  Papa reassured him.
I was curious about what was so interesting.
It was a great big sloth!
These saltwater crocodiles were huge!
Ben thought about being afraid.
Wes and Jeff had a laugh about something.
The otters were hilarious this morning.
Watching kids watch otters is hilarious.
Watching people watch me is also fun.
Who's watching the watchers?
Kate is always good company.  We missed Ella who was a little under the weather.
Jill shared this picture with me.
And this one.
This one, too.
I love this bizarre seahorse.
This shark is very creepy.  My camera tried to find a smile.
There were no smiles among the flamingoes.  They were all squabbling.
We wore this mammal completely out.
Bradley was very hungry and asked that his quesadilla be cut into 17 parts.  Jill complied.
After lunch, a little swimming was in order.
Balls were flying all over the place.
Baby Ben and Luke ganged up on Uncle Sammie.
Sammie has a good arm.  And a fierce growl.
Baby Ben needed a little help this afternoon.
Middle Ben did not.
The last game involved jumping.  Bradley was first. Everyone else threw balls.
Ben took a turn.
Sammie and Bradley jumped together while Ben aimed.
Then they all jumped!
Baby Ben wanted to jump, but he was afraid.  Bradley helped.
After making a splash, Ben said, "A big jump!"
He took another turn.  I was mesmerized.
By this time he trusted Uncle Sammie.
He was screaming with delight.
Jane spent the day rehearsing and performing.  Papa Ben took this picture.
Jeff cooked us a fabulous meal tonight.
We celebrated Corinne's birthday.
I made my new favorite chocolate cake.  This was a perfect way to end a wonderful day.

Friday, June 3, 2016


I carried my camera around all day long but didn't start taking pictures until I collapsed onto a bench at the dinner table after making butter chicken.
I ate with the kids.  Ben put his seat in the shopping cart and brought it directly over to the chair next to me.
Ben said, "Mommy try it."  Not a glowing report.
Bradley was actually a little afraid.  I will confess that I couldn't find jalapeno peppers this morning, only serrano.  Tonight the butter chicken bit back a little.
Luke only eats rice.
Bradley decided the tortilla/naan made a good airplane.
On the other side of Ben's face is a thumbs up.  He is one my biggest fans.
From my comfortable spot on the bench, I took a few photos.  I love to take pictures of Corinne.
Jeff and Jill said I could take their picture.
Corinne photo-bombed a picture of Ben.  This was fun.  I didn't move and I was taking all these great pictures.
These two goons posed for me, too.
After sitting through the 5 minute session when the kids ate, I remained in place when the adults ate, which took much longer.  Sammie channeled Grandpa Cannon.  Grandpa would have laughed, too.
Food.  People.  Dessert.  We had a great evening!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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