Friday, June 10, 2016

Ready, Aim, Fire!

We had fun at the pool today.
Sammie helped Bradley get up in the air.
Melissa knows exactly how to encourage him.
Of course, Bradley loves to make a big splash.
Bradley's cousins joined us.  Caleb spotted Ben and said, "I want to be on your team."
I have a healthy supply of guns.
Children became human shields.
Sometimes the babies had guns.
Holding a baby was not always a protection.
Fortunately, the kids didn't mind getting wet.
Marian has a good aim.
So does Bradley.
Emily enjoyed the morning.
But she knows how to shoot the guns, too.
Caleb's team stayed in the game.
Although things did not always go well.
Andrew took this seriously.
For awhile the little kids had their own team.
No one was exempt from getting wet.
Sammie shot at everyone.
In the end, Ben's team was the one to be on.
After the pool, we all enjoyed pork from the Big Green Egg.  Sammie cooked.
I cut up a watermelon.
I also made a new potato salad recipe from Carolyn.
How did the day end?  With ice cream!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Morning with Bradley

I taught Bradley how to play Mexican Train this morning.  He liked this game a lot!
While I made breakfast, he worked on a favorite skill game.  This is tricky, but the grandkids love it.
He asked if he could build something with my Perler beads.  The R2D2 pattern is new.
Bradley loves puzzles.  I love puzzles.  A perfect combination!
All too soon, Bradley and his dad were off to a wedding.  Boots were part of their attire.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bradley Hiked the Y!

Bradley and his dad got up early this morning to hike the Y.
They had a fun climb, and I made breakfast when they got home.
While waiting for his bagel, Bradley built a spaceship with my Legos.  He was very proud, as it was the most complicated design he'd built without instructions.
After the exciting adventure of the morning, Bradley was too tuckered out to do much.  He was delighted when I put in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
After awhile, there were two watchers...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Victory Dance

The morning began with Bradley building a temple with my magnets.
Next item on the agenda:  homemade cheese bagels for breakfast.
Later in the day we enjoyed a game of Go Fish!  Guess who won?
Bradley has a victory dance which is worth the price of losing.
One of Bradley's favorite games is Uno.  I was sure I didn't have Uno cards, but I told Sammie where to look just in case.  He found an unopened box of Harry Potter Uno cards.  I'm not intending to mix genres, but this was very impressive.  I still lost.
Friends of Sammie's joined us for dinner.  Only before Ben ate the very last bite did I remember to reach for my camera next to me on the table.
Bradley especially had a really fun time.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Delivery Day

Our plane from Dallas landed at the same time Sammie's family arrived from Austin.  We all piled into my 2006 MDX which has a DVD player.  Bradley immediately zoned out.
It appeared that Ben took a wrong turn at I-80.
We laughed about his age until he turned into the Tesla shop.  Sammie and Melissa were completely misled, all in fun.
Meet Ben's 70th birthday present.  Generous of Tesla to give the car a full charge before turning it over to him.
Sammie was almost as excited as Ben.  No one was as excited as Bradley.
Bradley was willing to ride home in the engine compartment.
Carlos was Ben's delivery specialist.  
Sammie shared this video.
Don't worry about me.  I got this cool mug!  And I get to keep my MDX.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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