Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ice Cream on a Hot Day

We spent time with Bradley and his cousins yesterday at BYU.
First, we had a delicious lunch in the Cougareat.
Note to self:  This was a lot of fun -- do it again in July.
I have not had a milkshake for 10 years.  I went overboard yesterday, but I shared with anyone who had a straw, and plenty did.
I love the Bean Museum for many reasons.
First of all, kids love it.  Second, Bradley's cousins showed me this fun video.
For the first time ever, I got lost in the museum.  However, I didn't know I was lost until I found everyone else.  If you are noticing Papa Ben's purse, please know that he is very secure in his masculinity and loves carrying it for me.
The best place to study a spotted skunk is here.
Then, ice cream at the Creamery!
Bradley enjoyed Earnestly Chocolate.
I love spending time with Melissa.
And her family!
Papa Ben treated everyone.  He's the best that way.
To my amusement, Adam wasn't aware that the child he was feeding was asleep.  It was a long but way fun afternoon!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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