Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm Going to the Moon!

Hot chocolate for breakfast, in a special mug and with marshmallows, is a favorite around here.
We've been enjoying fresh raspberries, too.
A disruption in the breakfast continuum greatly disturbed me this morning.  I was surprised to feel something unexpected in my pocket.  Uh oh.  It was the fob to Ben's car.  I had retrieved an errant water container before doing laundry last night.  Fortunately, the fob is well built and survived not only the washer, but also the dryer.
This morning's activity was a fishing trip.
The kids weren't at all sure what to do.
Papa Ben helped Camille get started.
Steve helped Adele.
Camille is a quick study and soon was on her own.
Adele needed a little help.
Kyle learned to cast right off the bat.
Papa Ben was always nearby to give guidance.
A favorite catch this morning was the moss fish.
The kids were extremely patient.
We could see the fish.
They were not interested in anything we offered.
Camille captured this entire pad of moss.  She pulled it quite a ways before Papa freed her hook and bobber.
Fortunately, I had snacks.  Camille asked why she was hungry but the fish weren't.
Papa and Kyle tried a deeper part of the lake, to no avail.  We went home empty-handed.
After lunch, we made chocolate cupcakes.
I didn't snitch.  The kids didn't snitch.  But some of the adults couldn't resist.
Finishing puzzles was also something we accomplished.
Of course, my peeps and I watched two episodes of Star Trek.
This has turned out to be a wonderful way to bond.
I showed Kyle my app which tracks Papa's car.  We knew to the second when to expect him home with dinner.
Papa tried the Friday special.
After dinner, we all enjoyed the cupcakes, which Janet and Camille had topped with cookie dough frosting.
Camille and Kyle sold them to us for various items, including chips.
After swimming and baths, we finished bean bags which we had started earlier in the week.
We played a little catch before bedtime.
The kids were very creative.  This was one of many fun projects we enjoyed this week.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

We're Going to the Zoo!

We went to the zoo today.
The day was a scorcher, but the zoo has misters all over the place.
One time we thought Kyle and Camille were missing, but in fact they were just misting.
We never lost Adele.
Lots to look at today.
Some things looked back.
I had not noticed before that the beak of an ostrich is pink.
I did know Adele's hair is red, though.
I'm not letting Kyle in the gorilla cage, that's for sure!
We watched the bird show.
It was hilarious! 
Some birds are really funny.
Others are very graceful.
This one talked to us.  He was our favorite.
No--this one was our favorite.
Lewis is our favorite baby.
We saw elephants.
Camille knows a lot about animals and birds.
She taught me interesting facts about the Spoonbill.
There is one firm rule if you go to the zoo with me:
You have to ride the train!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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