Friday, August 5, 2016

We are Having Pizza, but Not from a Box?

Papa, Sammie and Bradley got up early again to catch some fish.
They had a blast!
Papa caught one, also.  It was a catch and release day.
We had cheese sandwiches for lunch, with some having ice cream for dessert.
I chose cheesecake.  This would be even better tomorrow if there were any left.
Bradley and I worked together on our Harry Potter master plan.  Sammie asked me to watch the end with him so he wouldn't get scared.  Yes.  Of course.  I had no headphones, and thus no sound, and I was still terrified.  Occasionally Bradley would reach over and tell me it was ok.
We took a magnet break.  This a turtle who can actually open his mouth and eat food.
When Mom arrived from SLC, she chose to watch the last movie with Bradley.  Papa and I joined them.  We kept the lights on so I wouldn't be as scared.  Didn't help.
After the movie, we all took a peanut M&M break.  No grandchild knows the history of this little machine.  All they care about is that it works and somehow it magically always stays filled.
Bradley made his and his dad's pizzas tonight.  He seemed surprised that my pizza doesn't come from a box.  Surely I misunderstood.
He loved it.
At my age, I can eat what I want.  That means no to pepperoni but yes to pineapple.
Papa and I have had a great five weeks.  Truly, we've had a blast.  We've eaten well and enjoyed spending so much time with family.  As a side benefit, I have inadvertantly been able to clean out my pantry and freezer.  Tonight's pizza was a tremendous aid in that objective.  Mum's the word...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

According to Plan

Bradley's mom rushed him off to Salt Lake City this morning, but he did get started on the 7 Part 1.  I picked up 7 Part 2 from the library this afternoon.  Showing respect for the things grandchildren find important builds bonds.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Eating Well

Bradley did not forget that I own 6 Harry Potter movies.  He reminded me of that yesterday morning when he woke up.  I checked online and learned that my library had 7 Part 1 on the shelf.
However, it was only 7 am.  He and I played together until the library opened.  In the meantime, he found a missing part to a very old toy, which satisfied an itch of mine.
Bradley fractured a bone last week.  He knew how to get his boot on and pump it up when it was time to get in the car.
In no time, we had the new movie in our hands.  His goal was to finish 4, and watch 5 & 6 as soon as possible so he could get to 7 Part 1.
Papa Ben and Dad had other plans.  Early this morning the three of them went fishing.  On Bradley's second cast, he caught a fish.
Dad was very proud, as were many onlookers at the lake.  Papa also caught a fish.
Papa cleaned and cooked the fish for lunch.
I do not believe I have ever eaten trout with Ben before.
Mom and Dad did not join us for lunch, but that doesn't mean they weren't excited.  They ate cheese bagels instead.
Bradley loved the fish!  Truly, Papa and I both loved our fish, too.  Mine was the lone fish we caught last week which had been in the freezer.  I was pleased that I had not forgotten the simple steps of deboning a fish.  I coached Sammie who prepared Bradley's trout.
This is how I know I've never eaten trout with Ben before.  He cut out the cheek meat for Bradley, who enjoyed it very much.  Ben says he always eats the cheek meat.  I'm pretty sure that not only would I have remembered that, but I'm certain my father did not know about the meat on a trout's cheeks.
We played all afternoon.  You are looking at a world record 19-story magnet tower.
Company was invited for dinner.  We had to wait for the prime rib even though it  cooked an hour longer than it regularly does.
We were all hungry but I was the only one willing to eat rare meat.
At 124 degrees, Sammie opened the BGE.
My slice was from the middle and was perfect.  Perfect.  I ate every bite.
Fortunately, the watermelon was just a little pinker than my meat.
Melissa made Sammie's favorite birthday dessert.
This is an Italian cheesecake.  Oh my.
Bradley chose ice cream.  What a guy!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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