Saturday, November 19, 2016

Analog Day

Corinne knew I was coming.
Papa and I spent a fun day with happy kids.
A racecourse on the floor was loads of fun.
Luke built an obstacle.
Ben was determined to crash through it.
Ben helped Ben.
Papa Ben is a kid magnet.
After awhile, some of us went outside.
It was chilly for Dallas.  Most of us had jackets.
Please don't ask about the bare feet.
I'm not sure why this was hilarious, but it was.
Both Bens had a great time.
Any other day, this is zen, but today it was barely-controlled chaos.
My goal was one-on-one time with each grandchild. Ella and I had a long conversation with her phone out of sight.  After that, she spent the afternoon with friends.
Ben tried to teach me the finer points of Pokemon.  This game is far above my skill level.
The puzzles came out and everyone engaged.
Jane put all 8 puzzles together by herself.
Ben loves puzzles as much as he loves playing with cousins.
Luke took apart all the puzzles and put them together again.  This happened multiple times.
Luke told me a joke.  "Why was Six afraid?"
"Because Seven ate Nine."
Kate enjoyed a peaceful day while drawing and reading.  A birthday party later removed her from the scene altogether.
I brought some maze pages just for fun.
Papa Ben tried hard to beat Luke at memory tiles.  He settled for a tie.
Kids spent a lot of time tumbling down the stairs.  Few children were injured in this activity.
Late in the day, Ben and I took his scooter for a long walk.
He had no trouble finding a puddle.
In the meantime, Jane and Corinne painted their nails.
Before Papa took them home, Jane and I played two games of tiles, tying both times.  As a bonus activity, I taught her how to count to twenty by two's.  She was thrilled.  So was I!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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