Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dewey, Where'd the Mountains Go?

Ben started out his day in a silly mood.

Crashing is one of his favorite things to do.

I knew snow was in the forecast.

When the first flakes fell, I grabbed Ben and got him ready to go out.

He was fascinated with the tracks he could make in the snow.

I know the route of the garbage man.  Even though he had already been down our street, I knew we could catch him.

Ben loves the garbage man, who remembered Ben from his summer visit and waved.

After that thrilling adventure, I asked Ben if he wanted to go home or to the river.

He chose the river, but first he had to catch some flakes on his tongue.

On the way to the river, the scooter fell over, leaving Ben with a cold chin.  My headband saved the day.

We looked for ducks but didn't see any.  Instead we threw rocks.

I was the designated rock-finder, which is a little tricky with snow.

We headed home.  If you are observant, you'll notice that Ben was still in his pajamas.  He's in warm, dry clothes now.

A haircut is in his future.  Maybe not today, but soon.

Ben, on his own, realized he couldn't see the mountains and asked me where they were.  I told him they were behind the snow.  He said, "No, Dewey, where is the big one?"  Even that one was hiding, I told him.

He made his last tracks as he pushed up the driveway.  What a fun morning with a happy little boy!

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