Thursday, May 25, 2017

More Cake, Please!

Camille's birthday was yesterday.  I arrived today with new doll clothes.

The clothes matched backpacks which the girls had already received. Camille has made notebooks and found flashcards for her doll's backpack.

The dolls immediately changed into their new clothing and posed nicely for pictures.

Dinner was wonderful, but I forgot to take pictures until the meal was almost over.  Adele's favorite part was the avocado.  This was her third helping.

Lewis is a happy baby who loves to play with electronics.  He can pretend he's talking on the phone.

Lewis likes to feed Papa's fish.

He made a few calls.

I followed the kids downstairs to play.

It's fun to see kids in their own environment.

I had to look up to find Camille.

I actually had to hunt to find Kyle.

He shops the way I shop, but maybe not for the same stuff.

Kyle put whipped cream on my cake, just the way I like it.

I like eating cake in this house.

There are no restrictions.

I'm not the only one who approves.

Lewis prefers whipped cream to cake.

No conversation with Steve is complete without hand actions.

It was very late when we left for the night, but the flowers were still awake.

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