Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day, Great Food and Wonderful Families

I dreamed of snakes.  Having said that, an opportunity arose for an early morning walk alone around the lake, and I took it.

I wondered how rabbits survive in the wild without getting eaten by snakes.

I was far more observant than usual, and even noticed a beetle Ben had described during our walk together last week.

I zoomed in my camera on a lump in the grass and realized I was seeing three ducks, I imagined that they were waiting for the pool to open.  Then I wondered how they hid their eggs from snakes.

The sun rose during my walk, but it stayed behind clouds.  This was good news for the air temperature, not so good for crisp, clear pictures.

It seemed that I saw far more wildlife than I usually see on these walks.

I couldn't identify this bird. It didn't move as I approached, which led me to believe it was sitting on a nest.  I wondered again about snakes.

These pigeons were the first I've seen on this trip.  I love these birds and wished Ben was with me.

Flowers are abundant.

I know a few names, but not these.

My heron flew around the lake.  He was pretty quick and I was happy I got this picture.

This cardinal sang to me as I walked by.

Black-eyed Susans grow in one particular spot on the edge of the lake.

I was delighted to spy this squirrel munching on some breakfast.

As I approached Jeff's house, I hoped people would be awake to play with me.

Jeff was providing an extra set of eyes to help Luke spy features on a new game.

Uncle Sammie drifted in to help.

This was funny to watch.  Uncle Dave was next to me, but he offered no help with the game.

It seemed everyone else had an opinion.

Papa Ben arrived and found a group interested in hearing about some of the villages he's been working with..

He's got some great stories.  Ask me later.

Ben loved having so many cousins to play with.  You might be wondering what's happening here.

Please note that he's screaming with delight.

Bradley was the other half of the fun.

Jane made a Father's Day crown for her dad. He wore it with pride,  At this particular moment, Jeff was solving a problem for Julia.

She was sure he could fix it, and she was right.

Ben is learning how to enjoy watching other kids play games.  These kids were all giggling.

Ben had no trouble finding someone to play with this morning.

Phoebe and Hank are patient dogs.

Sirius was hoping his turn would come soon.

After church, Jeff started dinner.  Get this -- he was expecting 28 hungry mouths to feed.

The salmon was fabulous, and a lot of food was consumed.

The truth is, Jeff and Jill fed multitudes this weekend.

After dinner, all the kids were playing and running and laughing, but these two boys caught my attention.

This was just one option for dessert.

Root beer floats were another choice.

Meet the five Fathers of the Year:  A.J., Mike, Bryan, Jeff and Ben. They cleaned up the kitchen, too.

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