Sunday, July 30, 2017

Seeing What I Expected to See

I found myself admiring the love seat in the morning sun.  I wish I knew more about its history.

I remembered that I had a picture with the love seat in it.  I love this picture.  Mom is in the upper right, and she's not wearing a hat.  A plate is hung on the wall behind her, and also behind Aunt Maydae.  But look at the love seat.  It's not brown velvet, which is how I have remembered it all these years.

The fabric is definitely a pattern.  And notice the nail heads.  They are close together, without gimp.  When the love seat was reupholstered with velvet, the nail heads were replaced as they had been originally.

This photograph was taken at the same time and included Dad with his parents and sisters.  Betsy is on the upper right.  Joan, who is ninety, is on the lower right.  Janet, on the upper left, is the daughter who eventually inherited the love seat.  From her it came to me.  Notice the chair behind Dad.

This armchair is one of two, both of which were part of a dining room set which belonged to Nana's parents.  They likely came into Nana's possession in 1930 upon the death of her mother.  I inherited both arm chairs.  Any time I go into Ben's office, I sit in one or the other.  I believe everything about these chairs is original, the leather, the nail heads, the finish.  Nana's parents married in the Logan Temple in 1886.  Nana's mother came from a very wealthy family and it's possible the chairs are that old.  These are heavy, nice chairs and they occasionally get pulled into my dining room when company comes.

I am stunned that I have never noticed the patterned fabric before.  A cousin quipped to me this afternoon that she doubts Nana bought anything used, particularly furniture.  We are both suspecting that Aunt Joan's memory is not what it used to be, and that this love seat was probably always in Nana's possession.

I do know the history of the rocker.  Dad told me it was part of Nana's wedding furniture, which means it was likely purchased new in 1915 when she married Daddy Cannon.

Aunt Betsy was born nine months later and she seems pretty comfortable with the chair.  Notice that the seat was originally leather.  Because I have recovered the seat twice, I happen to know the springs in the seat are original.  They are wire, like what you might see in the inside of an old car seat.  Mr. Hansen tightened the wire in the seats of both the rocker and the love seat.

Mom and Nana both died not long after this picture was taken.  Mom always worried that Nana never liked her, but from some letters that I recently scanned, it's clear Nana loved Mom and worried about her when Dad was in the Aleutians during the War.  I inherited the shelf behind Mom, and the picture of Nana's father-in-law on the top left.

I love this shelf.  It's in my dining room.

This picture is a treasure for many reasons.  If you come over, I'll take it off the wall and show you the square nails on the back.

This painting of Martha Telle Cannon was on the opposite wall in Nana's house.  I still can't believe I have this in my home.  I brought it home six years ago after Aunt Maydae died, and Ben immediately found a person to restore this painting.  In cleaning the frame myself, I learned that the word antiquing really means, "spent decades in a house heated by coal."  Aunt Joan is certain that this painting remained in the home of Grace Neslen, Martha Telle's daughter, after Martha died in 1928.  When Grace died in a car accident in 1945, the painting passed to Daddy Cannon.

When Jacob came home from church, we had dinner together.  Jacob was delighted to see that I had not forgotten to set the table with his favorite glass.

I made one of my favorite meals, sweet and sour chicken.

We all love inari zushi.

Jacob brought up the topic of my cooking versus his mother's.  He carefully told me, very gently, that my best meals are comparable to his mother's normal cooking.  He told us about a curry dish his Mom makes which is particularly good.  This was actually a fun conversation, and no one needs to worry about my feelings.  Jacob is 13, but he's not a clod.

We finished off the mousse cake.  It's now clear that I'm finished experimenting with a sourdough starter.  But have I just begun experimenting with Ghirardelli chocolate?


  1. I loved J's cooking comment. Dave would suggest we have a cook-off. He will be the judge because he'll want to eat it all. If you are going to experiment with chocolate, I would recommend Scharffen Berger. Someone gave me a bar of it for my birthday and it made a wonderful chocolate mousse cake.

  2. A cook-off sounds great--you're on!


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