Thursday, July 6, 2017

Surprise Houseguest!

Jacob has worked hard this week.  He attended a four-day pole-vaulting camp at BYU,11 hours each day.  He cooked his own breakfast.  The egg was only a small part of it.

Early on the morning of the Fourth, we watched a few balloons from our back deck, but they weren't up for very long.  We are learning that hot-air balloons can have a short life.

But my camera is the best!

We are enjoying the hummingbirds.

Jacob was making his breakfast when I took these photos, but some days they brush his finger with their wings.

They aren't afraid of him and he's not afraid of them.

I wouldn't say Jacob is homesick, but he does enjoy talking to his family.  This was a picture of him talking to Sirius.  He came home from camp with the tape on his hand yesterday.  I don't ask a lot of questions.  I don't know what to ask.  "Did you have fun?" is about all I can muster.  For the record, he's having a lot of fun, working hard, learning a lot, and making new friends.

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea Boo was going to spend tonight with us, but here he is!  He raced down the stairs to the pin ball bachine.

Can a machine be addictive?  This one is.

Two minutes into this, and he's hooked.

It was when Mom kissed him good-bye that we realized he wasn't going to miss her very much.

Papa Ben made Boo dinner.

Then Papa and Boo drove to campus to pick up Jacob.  They went early to get pictures, not the first time we've tried this.  This is what Jacob has been doing all week long.  However, this isn't Jacob.

Jacob was happy and surprised to see Boo!  They are walking Dot and will be home later.

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