Sunday, July 2, 2017

Who Needs Friends?

Jacob and I found a movie theater I'd never been to.  The seats were great, maybe better than the show.

One of Jacob's favorite meals is a chimichanga. 

He has mastered the art of opening the bag.

Yesterday I made butter chicken.  I tweaked the recipe and cooked the chicken in the pressure cooker.  It was delicious, of course.

I like my new way of making naan.  Not a bite was left.

Jacob found what I think is my last bottle of sparkling cider.

One less expired food item in my house.

I told him I had crystal glasses.

He played a tune for me.

My car has learned the best route to the tramp place.

Who needs friends?

He jumped for 3 hours instead of 2 yesterday.  Maybe that was a little too long.

Ben took Jacob to Stadium of Fire last night where they saw a guy on fire get shot out of a cannon.

Jacob rode a bike to church this afternoon. He's holding a key to the lock.  He said this was good missionary practice.

After church, I drove Jacob to his new job.  He's taking care of Dot while her family is out of town.

Then Jacob and I picked up Will for dinner.  We heard all about school and his new friends.

I made a nice salad and learned that Papa and I are the only salad eaters between the four of us.

Butter chicken is better the second day.  Jacob and Will had huge plates and ate every bite.

I made a lot of naan and it all got eaten.

Jacob tried a different piece of crystal.

We had a symphony at dinner.  No glasses were broken in this endeavor.

And Will got his laundry done.  It's all good, and I'm having a fabulous summer.

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