Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ben Comes!

We picked Ben up at the airport this afternoon!

The sum of a very long story is I put together an amusement station for Ben.  It worked pretty well.

Jacob watched over his shoulder.

Papa's car drove us home.

Ben knows where I keep my trucks.

We stopped at Papa's new taco place for dinner.  I shared my soda water with Ben.  He didn't like it.

Today was my first time to eat here.  Jacob and Ben helped with my order.

In the meantime, Mommy found Ben some root beer.

I randomly picked three different tacos.  Steak and fish were fine.

The falafel taco was amazing!

The music made Jacob want to dance.  I had to laugh.

After dinner, Papa and Jacob attended a political meeting to fulfill a requirement for one of Jacob's merit badges.  Ben found his scooter in my garage.

This was a wonderful hour together.

We carried koi food with us.

Mom practiced a little yoga.

We found a gigantic truck.

Mommy and Ben posed in the shovel.

I gave Ben a quarter.

Mom rustled through my freezer and found a treat.

When that disappeared, Ben asked if I had donuts.  This was impressive, because the last time he visited, I did have donuts, and he had remembered. I found the last of Jacob's toaster strudels.

At the end of the day, Jacob read Ben a bedtime story.  Night night.

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