Saturday, August 26, 2017

Falling Off the Edge of the Earth

Our day began with peach pie for breakfast.

And ice cream.

Can it get better?  Yes.  Papa Ben got out the can of whipped cream.

This never gets old.

The kids love it.

To be honest, it takes some trust.  Once Lewis saw Ben, he was game, too.

One of my favorite things about our family gatherings over the last two weeks has been watching all the cousins play together.

However, today we had to say good-bye.  Some rode Frontrunner to the airport.  When the train showed up, Lewis lost his spirit of adventure.

Everyone else enjoyed the ride.

Looking for some new friends, Ben escaped out the back.  Corinne was right after him.  Some neighbor children included him, where he had a wonderful time.

All of a sudden, Richard arrived!

His dad and big brother took Papa to a BYU football game.

Despite BYU's win, I'm pretty sure those of us at home had the best time.

Ben was delighted when Bradley returned.  He will be the best big brother ever.

After a while, I checked on the two boys.  Bradley mentioned that Ben doesn't know how to play the Wii, a fact I was aware of.  I asked Bradley if this was a problem.  He said no.

Just so you know, I was well aware we had a seven-year-old tending a three-year old.

Bradley brushed up on his big brother skills.

Sammie grilled us dinner.  If that looks like a lot of steak, it's because Melissa's sister and her husband joined us.

This was a great meal, but my steak was not rare enough. I guess I'm a steak snob.

Richard did not get steak, but he was the star of the evening.

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