Wednesday, August 23, 2017

From Chaos to Order

After 10 hours on the road yesterday returning from Idaho, no one was in the mood to go anywhere today.

The kids worked on small crafts and projects and I tried to restore some order after our trip.

Janet is a master at entertaining children.

Once the chaos was subdued, some of us went to the pool.

I would have taken a lot more pictures, except I fell asleep.

Lewis was not thinking about sleeping.

Camille received swim instruction from both parents.

Kyle doesn't need any help.

Steve counted how long Camille could hold her breath.

Then Camille counted how long her dad could hold his breath.

We all had a wonderful time.

Adele likes all my toys.

I asked Camille to do a cannonball.  Her first try was excellent!

Janet worked to get Lewis comfortable in the water.

Everyone came to help.

He got it!

Adele had the best time!

We returned to find Bradley!

We ate dinner on the deck.

Kyle ordered a pizza sandwich.

Will was great help to me today.  The best.

Everyone enjoys pizza.

Especially this pizza.

What I needed, though, was banana bread and my hot chocolate.  Three bananas for the bread came back with us from Idaho.  The other three were on my counter when I walked in the door.

Lewis found some dessert.  This is how dessert is done right.

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