Friday, August 25, 2017

Grand Finale

I got up early to make blueberry bagels.
Kyle was right behind me.  He knew today was the last chance he'd have to finish the puzzle.
Camille joined us and completed a puzzle she started last night.
My dining room has been transformed into a game room, apparently.
Even Lewis came in to play.
Camille wanted to help me shape the bagels.  Kyle asked if he could help, too.  These kids need to be taught once, and then it's done right.
Camille wanted to drop the bagels in the boiling water, but the first time she tried, she plunked them in flat and the water splashed out, startling everyone in the kitchen.
She was content putting the egg white wash on the bagels.
Her dad encouraged her to try again, giving her a few pointers.  She boiled all the rest.
These bagels are so good that Steve asked questions about how I make them.  This discussion began Wednesday when we made cheese bagels.  Just because the camera didn't come out doesn't mean that bagel making didn't happen that day.
Steve is the master scrambled-egg-maker in our family.
Lewis and Ben began horsing around while they waited for breakfast.  It's been pretty cute watching these two play together over the last week.
Ben offered Lewis half of his bagel, and Lewis accepted.  That was pretty cute, too.
In the meantime, Kyle finished the 550 piece puzzle.
Then he beat me in a game of I Spy memory.
I accidentally came upon something very cute this morning.
Lewis has learned how to fetch a peanut M&M from the M&M guy in the basement.
Somehow he knows he's not supposed to eat these, so he walked around until he found another person to give it to.
Kyle showed Lewis my Darth Vader.  The arm with the laser sword moves, and Mr. Vader talks.  The batteries also never wear out on this guy, either.
After a relaxed morning, we went to the new Orem splash pad.
How many cool water pictures can I get away with posting?
We all liked this park.
The game seemed to be to see how dry they could stay.
Ben didn't care one bit about that game.
He ignored all the No Running signs.
Lewis had a pretty good time.
Adele managed to stay completely dry the entire morning.  Her goggles helped.
Camille asked if she could bake one more thing with me today.
I chose a peach pie.
Camille's artistic skills came out when I asked her to paint butter on the top.
Ben wanted to help, so he and I made tarts with the leftover dough.  I don't mean to brag about my pie crust, but the tarts were gone the second they were cool.
The kids really wanted to go tramping.
I never say no to that.
Not many kids were jumping this afternoon, so they let us have the run of all the trampolines.
Ben liked the ropes, but he didn't quite know what to do.
Camille demonstrated.
Then Kyle took a turn.
After the demonstration, Ben knew exactly what to do:  Hang on!
Kyle is a serious jumper.
Adele loves to have fun.
Camille practiced her flips.  I would have taken more pictures, but I fell asleep.
Madly trying to cross off everything on the kids' lists, we made one more trip to the pool tonight.
Ben loves the water.
Kyle is a great swimmer.
The night was beautiful.
Camille has practiced all the swimming tips she's received this week.
Tonight was a perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

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  1. Wow! You had a funny day. I love the photo from yesterday of Lewis jumping into the pool. So cute!


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