Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wait, Sam Can Play the Piano?

Our Saturday began the way days with family often begin:  I got up early to make bagels.  Melanie requested Asiago.  Her wish was my command.  I must add that the dough was perfect, and it was nice not to be experimenting.

Long story behind this quart-size mug.  While visiting here, Dave is using it for his chocolate tea.

I've started buying bacon when Dave comes.  Everyone enjoys this new practice.

Julia began her day by watching the hummingbirds.

I actually spent the entire morning with Julia.  She is a helpful, wonderful little girl.

Matt was retrieved from EFY.  We enjoyed listening to him recount his experiences.

I had good help in a couple grocery store visits.  During the first trip, Julia and Ben were in the cart on the opposite side of the belt from me.  Ben didn't like that and began to cry.  Julia patted his back and comforted him.

We had ice cream after lunch.

I enjoyed Friday night's pie.

The clouds broke, so we went to the pool.

Let me tell you:  Ben was King of the Pool.

We all had fun.  Have I told you Jacob is happy to be with his family again?

Maybe Dave was King of the Pool.

Ben's afternoon was pretty much like this the whole time.

And this.

The evening temperature was perfect.

Ben was my charge, and I watched him carefully through my camera lense.

Carolyn was Queen of the Pool.

Uncle Dave taught Ben how to make it rain.  This was cute until Ben accidentally shot a woman sitting behind me, one who'd just had her hair done.

This game was called "Get Dad's sunglasses."

At some point I was left with the two youngest.  In a nano-second, Ben was gone.  I leaped to my feet, only to hear a man across the pool call my name.  Ben had left the pool and asked to join his family for dinner.  They kindly fed him.

I have great neighbors.  They fed Julia, too.

Back at the ranch, we seem to have a new Star Trek fan.

I'm teaching Nate about Enterprise.  So far, so good.

Sammie cooked steak for 16 people on the BGE.  Hands down, no competition, this was the best steak I have ever eaten.  Maybe you can spot the tomato-red onion-buffalo Mozarella cheese topping.

In the meantime, little Ben discovered how to take pictures with my camera.

The outside table had been set.  We quickly had to move inside when rain showed up.  I wisely sat at the kids' table.  I've learned that's where the fun is.

When I told Sammie how good the steak was, he kissed me on the cheek.

We had two mousse cakes.  I don't need to say anymore, nor will I discuss the piece that ended upside-down on the rug. Matt raced over and cleaned it up 100%.

Matt had been waiting for Uncle Sammie to arrive so he could play Love Walked In for him.  I helped him get ready and he started playing with no notice to anyone.

As I expected, Sammie heard his signature piece and ran to the piano.

This was a wonderful moment, and all the adults began to gather.

Melissa was in the kitchen cleaning up.  She did not know that at about this point, Sammie and Matt traded places.  Sammie began playing Jump.  She said, "Is that still Matt playing? Wow, he's good!"  I told her it was Sammie.

In the best line ever in the history of the world, Melissa said, "Wait, Sam can play the piano?"

Twelve years of marriage, and this precious tidbit had never come out.

Dave described Sammie's playing last night as, "flawless."

We had a riot.

He even sang.

This was one of the most fun days of my life.  I loved every minute.

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