Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday is a Special Day

Many people slept in this  morning.  Kyle and I got tired of waiting, so we had a pre-breakfast of cookies and milk. 
The bagel dough was ready by the time these two adorable helpers came upstairs.
Camille taught Julia how to shape the bagels.

Adele woke up and asked if she could help.

While I worked with Julia and Adele, Camille took over boiling the bagels.

Then she put the egg white wash on the cooked bagels.

While the bagels baked, the girls played a game of Hoot Owl Hoot.

Kyle had time to build a marble track.

The sun began to rise.

Finally, the bagels were ready to eat!
Julia and Adele accompanied me on a few quick errands.  We got a cookie.

Later in the morning, a group of us went to the Escher exhibit at BYU.  I asked and got permission to take this picture with my cell phone.

After the museum, we explored.

We spent time inside and outside.

Melanie, Dave and Carolyn got lost.  We pretended we'd found them.

Lewis caught a ride.

The vortex cannon is one of my favorite things.

We took turns being the target.  My camera and I shot back.

Steve successfully explained the Foucault pendulum to me.  If you ask, I'll explain it to you.

The little kids thought rides were fun.

Aunt Janet was the preferred choice.

Carolyn and Nate helped me make chicken pot pie for dinner.  It smelled delicious.

This needed to bake for almost an hour.  During that time Will and Dave watched a movie Carolyn made of our week together.

Jacob climbed up into the attic to help Papa with a home repair.

Steve and some of his peeps played Commander.

Adele asked for pool lessons.

Finally, dinner was ready.  We had two of these pans, and it was a big hit!

Kyle had thirds.  So did Nate.

After dinner, Matt found the sweet spot in my entry hall and sang a selection from Hamilton for us.

After a fun, delicious day, we had a new fan join us for Star Trek tonight!

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