Monday, December 25, 2017

Stage Two: Waiting on Christmas Eve

Waiting for company to arrive can be excruciating.

We are doing our best to stay busy.  Papa got his Christmas present from me a few days ago, a yellow submarine for his new fish tank.  The fish didn't seem to be interested in it.

Papa has decided having a chauffeur is great.  Will has not minded.

When Will mentioned fried onions, Papa Ben knew the right place to take him for lunch.

At home, we've been making a serious effort to empty the fridge and freezer.  Twice now, Will has eaten lemon loaf and one of my bagels for breakfast.  Good boy.

I had given no thought to a special Christmas Eve meal for the three of us.  This morning my brain decided I had all the ingredients on-hand for a curry dish I thought Will would enjoy.

I even had some leftover cilantro.  Please don't tell my mother I used a lid for a serving dish.

Or worse, a pan!  The gyoza were definitely not cooperating, but they were delicious.

By today, the snail had discovered the submarine.  If you think things have been pretty quiet around here, you would be correct.

However, Will shoveled the driveway for me after midnight.

Finally, just after 2 am, they arrived!

I had fresh banana bread.
Lewis wanted Cheerios.

It's wonderful to be together again!

Kyle liked seeing Papa Ben's new fish.  And the yellow submarine.

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