Thursday, June 29, 2017

Everybody's Favorite Target

Jacob is having no trouble staying busy here.  First, he brought his trumpet.  He's very good.

Second, after his last visit, I spent all my Amazon points on books I thought he'd enjoy.  I did well, btw.

We were expecting Will for Sunday dinner.  I made a special  meal.  Maybe the sweet potatoes were a little old, but they cooked up just fine.

Jacob is not a fan of sweet potatoes.  That's ok, I baked a regular potato for him.  He likes his with the works.

Papa grilled steak.  Jacob and I both like ours rare.  We don't know how Will likes his because he was having too much fun on campus to join us.  Music to my ears.

Don't think what you are thinking.

Jacob has been poking through my cupboards looking for fun stuff.

We all know I have an expiration date problem.  Jacob wants to be the solution.

I made a lemon loaf for Will.  Trust me on this:  We did not save it for him.

I will not confirm or deny that once in a while Jacob has had ice cream for dinner.

We've actually stayed busy, and my camera doesn't always go with us.

Jacob and I both like the tramp place, plus we do errands on the way there and the way home.

Jacob is so easy.  I say, "Let's go," and he's in the car.

He's a lot of fun to watch, especially when he's playing dodgeball.  Notice the balls following him.

I have observed that the high school kids like to target him.

They have their work cut out for them.

Today I watched 5 big kids eliminate 12 of Jacob's teammates.

Then they went after him.

He tagged two of them before they finally got him.

He had a blast.  So did I.

One of our stops on the way home was Costco.  

Jacob asked me why I shopped there.

Pretty sure this might be his new favorite place.

We don't have Blue Bell, but we manage to get by.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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