Saturday, November 18, 2017

Making a Pie is Fun to Do!

Ben helped me make an apple pie today.  He's a great helper!

I haven't made an apple pie for such a long time that I actually had to hunt for the recipe.  We had a fun time together.

The dough for the top crust crumbled when it slid off my mat and onto the counter, but the line I'm going with is that I've discovered a new style of pie:  Patchwork.  Please know that the flavor was unaffected.  This was delicious.  And for the record, I like a lot of apple in my apple pie.

Ben was very willing to help me put up a few holiday decorations.  I got the ladder up and then decided to do some outside lights while the sun was shining.  Having access to an 8' ladder all day long was the highlight of Ben's week, maybe month.  Btw, he's peeking at me.

He's peeking at me here, too.  After a long walk, which my camera missed, I put lights on a tree in the front yard.

Ben found a comfortable place to watch me work.

There was a time where two strings of lights covered this tree.  Not anymore.  I hope it looks better in the dark, but no matter -- this is as good as it's going to get.  Unless, ha, unless Papa redoes it, which he's been known to do.  We'll see.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fun Friday

Ben likes being a veterinarian. 

He takes good care of all my animals.

Some new animals joined our household today.  Ben helped pick them out.

The marble track came out today.

So did some M&Ms.  Ben counted his.

Corinne made corn and black bean soup for lunch today.  It was scrumptious.

Ben was going to help Papa empty the dishwasher, but he got distracted.

He did help Papa mix a new container of Crystal Light.

He is a good helper.

Ben enjoyed one of my puzzles, but just one for today.

Papa taught him the old wheelbarrow trick.  It was new to Ben and loads of fun!

I found some quarters so Ben could enjoy a few games of pinball.  Maybe tomorrow he'll let me take a turn.

The Amazing Ben Returns!

Papa and I picked up a tired little boy from the airport last night.  It didn't help that traffic caused us to be an hour late. Once at the house, Ben was happy to reacquaint himself with my toys.

Papa and Corinne picked up Cafe Rio for dinner.  Thursday is my favorite:  Tamale Day.

I found a new treat for this little boy.  A few adults enjoyed it also.  Ben is going to help me make a lot of treats this coming week.  I can't wait!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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