Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stage One

I picked Will up from campus this afternoon.  He'll stay until the next semester starts.  After a cookie or two, he went straight to the piano.

In the meantime, I made mushroom gravy.  I had a recipe but the only similarity between that and what I cooked with were the mushrooms.  I did not fry the steak in the pan as the recipe directed.  I used a leek instead of scallions.  For my first ever mushroom gravy, it was pretty good.  

Papa grilled the steaks.  Will described the meal as wamazing, my new favorite word.  Will's parents and his uncle's family arrive in a few days.  Maybe we'll make a construction paper chain.
Or, maybe we'll build a snowman.

Raise Shields!

Along with the chocolate fudge mousse ice cream we bought at the Creamery last night, we bought BYU chocolate milk.  Big hit, is all I can...