Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bad Parenting

Dave and I enjoyed a lengthy quiet time in the early hours this morning.

We chatted while I made bagels.

We talked about President Monson.

We also talked about Little Tybee.  Before long, others got up and joined us.

I had a busy morning.  After my branch's Wednesday Sunday School and choir practice, I took 3 kids to the car wash.  Julia has been with me before.  This was Nate and Mel's first time.  It was hilarious.

Some of us went back to the crepe place for lunch.  Matt fell in love with a dill sauce that was on his crepe.

These are seriously delicious crepes.

After lunch, most of us went sledding.

Dave felt that this hill was a little too dangerous for kids.

In fact, other parents joined us for only a few minutes, and then pulled their kids off the hill.
I can't really say why we kept sledding.
But we did.

We worked on safety measures.  For example, Nathan can't brake very well, but he knows how to roll off the sled.

Big people rode down with little people.

I'm not sure who had the most fun, Carolyn or Julia.

Matt turned 18 today.  He loved the hill.

The little red sled worked very well 

The final verdict is in on the orange sleds.  They won't be coming with us again. 

I'll be honest.  I love watching Dave have fun.

Melanie had fun all day long.

The longer the walk up the hill...

The better the ride down.

Sharing a sled meant more mass and more speed.

Nate has almost enough mass by himself to have fun.

Birthday boy learned that taking a sibling with him was the best plan.

Jacob preferred riding alone.

Toward the end of our afternoon, everyone was pairing up for the ride down.

Sometimes the finish wasn't elegant.

I loved taking Dave's family into the mountains.

I loved watching everyone have a good time together.

And I love building bonds with these kids.

Sometimes they built bonds with each other.
Melanie and Matt play well together.

In all seriousness, they talk quite a bit about physics on their runs together.  Today I learned the difference between speed and velocity.  Go ahead, ask me.

These two talked about Pokemon.

This was the last sled down, and then it was time to go.

I stopped at a store to get some dill for Matt.  He did an excellent job re-creating the dill sauce from lunch.

It worked well with steak, although I also used mushroom gravy.

The birthday boy chose mousse cake for dessert.
He chose wisely.

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