Inertial Drift

Ben borrowed my camera last night after I went to bed.

I'm not saying I checked out early, but Carolyn used the time to get a head start on breakfast.  I put this French toast casserole in the oven when I got up.  It was delicious.

Julia and I made a Walmart run this morning.  Then we played games together for an hour.  We could have done this all day long, but we didn't get the chance.

We were invited to go on a walk.

Today was beautiful.

I love bridges, and this walk has several.

I have no explanation why someone hung this swing underneath a bridge.  We wouldn't let the kids get on it.

These were my walking companions.

This was the first time Ben and I had walked with Dave's family to the Carterville Road bridge.

We saw interesting things.

This is not a sight I want to ever see.

I threw a snowball at the nest to knock it down and completely missed.

Dave's aim with a rock was much better.

He knocked it in half and then pulled it down.

Nate gathered the pieces.

Julia wanted nothing to do with this.

Nate saw this as an interesting science project.

We were able to convince Julia that the wasps were long gone.

We decided to bring it all home to show the other kids.

Then we finished our walk.

Part of our walk takes us underneath a creepy bridge.

Once Nate realized where we were, he ran ahead to scare me.

After lunch, I took five kids back to Big Springs.  I also took five sleds.

This was a great idea.

We had the hill to ourselves.

Julia only crashed once.  Well, twice.

The bigger kids knew how to stop.

Jacob wasn't interested in stopping.

Nathan caught on right away.

Matt, Mel and Jacob walked up this road for 10 minutes before sliding down.  My camera and I only caught this last leg of their slide. 

These were my companions this afternoon.  Say good-bye to the green sled.

After Julia's crash(es), we wouldn't let her ride alone.

Matt, Mel and Jacob each insisted she ride with them.

That's not to say no one else didn't have any spills.

Nope. I wasn't saying that at all.

Today was Matt's last day of being 17.  He told me this was the perfect outing.

Nate mastered the art of abandoning ship.

The day was so beautiful that Mel shed her coat.

Look at that smile on Julia's face!

This is a beautiful smile, too.

The kids got better each time they took a run.

My camera and I got better, too.

If you can believe it, by the end of this run, Matt and Melanie were discussing terminal velocity.

When we got home, I shared my terminal chocolate cookies with them.

The sledders cleaned up a bit and we went to dinner.  Some of us didn't take coats and as a result we had to find a place to get warm.

We ate at a new crepe restaurant nearby.  This was my dinner, a Casanova.  It warmed me right up.

We had a wonderful meal.  Anyone reading this can look forward to an invitation to come with us next time you are in town.

After dinner, the kids enjoyed a few rounds of pinball.

Guess who won.