Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cupcakes For Dinner Again

We had a fun breakfast this morning.

Few people have enjoyed my new peach rolls.  This was today's breakfast.

Dave took Julia out to study the hummingbirds.

Sometimes the little birdies will buzz people if they stand still.

This morning, mostly the hummingbirds were hungry.

They were very active.

I try to be artistic, but with hummingbirds, everything happens pretty quickly.

Both birds are coming in for a landing.

This was a fun event.

For the record, Dave can win any staring contest.

All of a sudden, some of us found ourselves on a walk!

Well, mostly we walked.

It would be a truth to say that I was the only person who walked the entire way.

We took a lot of breaks.

We walked to my favorite bridge.

We found a puppy who was happy to play with Julia until I walked up.

Julia borrowed Mom's phone to take a few pictures.

I pointed out a cottonwood tree to Dave.

All of a sudden it was time for a science lesson.

These are wonderful walking companions.

We found a cherry tree.

We all had a sample.

In the end, Julia got a ride.

A trip to the pool was next.

These kids always have a great time together.

I can't explain this picture.

Or this one.

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