Friday, June 29, 2018

Day of Hiking

Big Springs Park was wonderful today.

We had big plans for a fun hike.

I found it interesting to realize how often we visit Big Springs, winter or summer.

Everyone loves a good bridge.

Julia has stood on these very stumps before.

Nate practiced his jumping skills.

The day could not have been more beautiful.

Julia and I ended up being the scouts.  This was a big responsibility.  Nate ran between us to share messages.

However, at some point, Dave and I ended up on our own hike, while the rest of our group tracked down the beaver dams.

We came upon a kaleidescope of butterflies.

I wasn't always sure where we were, but Dave assured me that we weren't lost.

While I waited for him to find a better path for us, I looked for beautiful things.

There is a reason Big Springs has this name.

I was delighted to find so many flowers so high in the mountains.

And even more butterflies!

Dave beat me to our picnic table by 30 seconds.  Everyone waved when they heard me call out.

Underneath the potato chips is the best ham sandwich ever!

The kids played in the stream, which was hilarious.  In Utah, mountains streams are simply melted snow.  I think they get that now.

This afternoon's project was to make marshmallow guns.  Way fun.  Future visitors will be armed upon entering our home.

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