Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How Many Cupcakes Qualify As Dinner?

Julia and I made cupcakes yesterday.  I don't know where my camera was.  These turned out to be delicious.

The pool was a fun outing this morning.

Dave enjoys the pool a lot.

Julia was a happy girl all day long.  She was very excited that it was her birthday.

Nathan requested chicken pot pie for the birthday lunch.  Julia agreed.  This was a big hit at Christmas.

Nate had eaten his lunch before I got a first bite of mine.  So far, the food has been very good. In the "I'm still cleaning out my freezer and pantry" state, the frozen peas were older than Julia, causing no small amount of concern with Carolyn, who was putting the meal together.  I wasn't home, and there were no other peas.  Papa Ben talked her down.

Julia was excited for the party portion of lunch to begin.  Jacob lit the candles.

Julia blew them out.

Dad torched her cupcake.  It was pretty exciting.

Of course, she got presents.

Afterward, we took Jacob to his second home.

Nate was never in focus.  Not for a whole hour.

This was Julia's look all day long.

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