Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ready, Aim, Eat!

Melanie joined us on a hike today.

I can't really explain this picture, except I took advantage of an unexpected photo op.

We stopped on the way to Cascade Springs to look at a storm in the sky.

The storm caught up with us.

We found a nice place to wait it out.

One crossing was particularly difficult.

I shouldn't mention that I took this picture from a very nice bridge right above them.

Cascade Springs has many educational signs. Papa elaborated on a few with some samples.

The springs are beautiful.

The kids ran and ran and ran.

On occasion, I could get people to pose for me.  Candid is the new goal, especially with Dave around, but it goes against my grain.

Maybe this is a candid shot of a flower.

Julia asked Dave to carry her.  He picked her right up.  This was definitely a candid shot.

I love the Columbine at Cascade Springs.

Even the weeds are beautiful.

The sun came out and caught these yellow petals.

Ben found many places to hide.

Many things happen on hikes that I don't catch until I'm going through my pictures.

However, I did not miss that everyone was having a great time.

I have loved watching these three kids play together all week long.

Having said that, guess who we found?  Yes, it's true:  Bradley.

He brought Richie along.

I ask you, has a son ever looked more like his father?

We went to Granny's for burgers.  I ordered a cheeseburger.  This was not a cheeseburger, but someone gave it to me and I took a bite.  Gosh, it was the best thing I have ever eaten.  That's when Dave suddenly appeared and took this jalapeno burger from me and gave me my cheeseburger.  Disappointment never tasted so good.

Bradley and Nate shared one of Granny's famous milkshakes.

The kids were delighted to finally be out of the car.  They had fun with my magnets.  Ben is not shooting.  He's charging the ball.

I took the kids outside for some wild time with marshmallow guns.

This was made possible by Dave, who quickly put together a fourth gun.

This was great fun, including the part where the ammunition gets eaten.

Shooting at me was fun, too.

The guns were set aside when the kids discovered that my neighbor's bushes made a great hiding place.

This occupied them for quite some time.

And then it was pool time.

Carolyn is actually an excellent swimmer.

The kids had so much fun together.

My camera and I watched closely, but neither of us got very wet.

Ben practiced swimming on his own, and now he can swim between the island and the edge completely by himself.  He finally joined in with the others.

We had the pool to ourselves for about an hour.

Bradley liked my new pool toys.

However, my old guns are still a big hit.

Julia took advantage of both.

Corinne enjoyed her last evening here.

Sammie and Richie awoke from their naps and joined us!

I believe this statement to be true:  Ben spent more time under the water than above.

Richie loved the water, too!

Finally, it was time for dinner.  I grilled chicken, which is under the Buffalo Mozzarella and a grilled tomato, which I don't think you can see.

I am such a good grandmother that no one had to ask me not to put cheese and tomatoes on their chicken.

Julia ate every bite of her dinner.  Her chicken was mostly gone by the time I took this picture.

Melanie chose chocolate tortes for her belated birthday celebration.

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