Saturday, July 7, 2018

Something New

Artists spent quality time together this afternoon.

Our day was quite full, and my camera didn't always go along.  But he was waiting for me when I brought Cafe Rio home for dinner.

We had a new outing planned for this evening. While gathering in the mudroom, Julia found a plate her dad had painted.  It was a pretty funny moment.

We spied the rec center from Pioneer Village last week.  Nate really wanted to go.  The center has a rock wall.

This is work!

The rec center has huge slides. This is Julia making a splash.

Nate is moving way faster than this picture indicates.

Which explains the splash.

Julia especially liked the lazy river which pushes people around in circles.  She called it the ruffle.

I have to say that I felt quite sheepish that I had never taken anyone to swim here before.

I have voted in this building, but I've never gone farther inside.

I don't exactly want to give a commercial for the rec center, but this was a lot of fun.

We spent all our time inside.  There are more slides outside.

We were doing just fine.

If you are wondering where Julia is, um, so were we.

Jacob worked hard at the rock wall.

I worked hard with my camera.

I might get Nate to start lifting weights so he can pull himself up.

I will say that the water made this quite tricky.

As the evening went on, the line for the slides got shorter and shorter.  This is Melanie's splash.

This is Jacob's.

Everyone had fun.

Nate preferred the blue slide.

Julia liked the green one.

I asked Nate if he was having fun.


My camera jumped into fine form while at a red light near my house.  What a fun outing!

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