Didja Hear? Ella Got a Job!

Just so you know, my walk was beautiful this morning.

When I got home, Ben spied a squirrel on the fence.  He was fun to watch.

We were invited to Jeff's for lunch.  Corinne and Jill took a minute to catch up.

Ben jumped right in and joined his cousins.

Jane and Julia helped with lunch.

This was my plate.  I don't have chicken nuggets very often.  I don't know why, either, because these were good.  I tried to be creative with my meal.

Then I looked across the table and saw this face.

Hank didn't get any chicken nuggets.

I don't think he cared.

I like to see the big people having fun together as much as I like to see little people getting along.

I volunteered to take Ella for her very first job interview.  She was hired on the spot.  It was very exciting!  Afterward, Ella and I enjoyed a treat at Tappy's.  Btw, Ella is much better at making beautiful food than I am.

We returned home in time to catch the next installment of Jane's YouTube show.  To sum, it was about glitter.

The reason for this family gathering was Jane's birthday, which we celebrated today.

While waiting for the party to begin, Melanie and Matt helped me with a puzzle.  I loved catching up with these two.

Pretty soon, we found ourselves at the trampoline park.

Julia's family joined us!

I'm working hard on learning the names of Jill's nephews.  I'm pretty sure this is Isaac.

Jill has two nieces named Julia, a cool fact.

To explain, this is a candid shot.  Or three people pretending that it's one.

Jeff has a lot of fun with his kids.

Kate knows how to have fun, too.

This is one of the nephews, I think Ben.  I watched him dunk that ball over and over.

Austin and Ben pummeled each other.  This was fun to watch, too.

Adam challenged Ben.

These kids were having a great time.

Ben challenged Luke.  All of this action is taking place on a balance beam over a foam pit.

Sometimes the dads had to take a little break.

Jill took Richie from Melissa so she could drop Phoebe off at Hank's house.  When Melissa returned, she saw Richie in the hands of a stranger.  Everyone except Richie thought this was pretty funny.

Pretty soon, it was time for pizza.

I think but am not sure that this conversation was about Jane's concern that the birthday cake would have trick candles.

Uncle Dave was in charge of the fire.

Jeff had many supervisors as he cut the cake.

Richie didn't get any cake, but I did.

So did these guys.  I'm realizing that Bradley didn't show up in any pictures, but he got pizza, cake, and he jumped hard for two hours.

Richie jumped a little, too.

Kate was impressive!

Back at the ranch, there was a slight delay with the present opening.  But it all ended well.


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