From Sunup to Sundown

My day began with a walk around Jeff's lakes.  No one was awake to go with me.

As I approached Jeff's house, I was happy to see the garage door open.  I thought this was an invitation for me to go in, so I did. No, Kate had mowed the lawn. She and Luke, the only ones up, were quite surprised to see me.  They didn't know I was even in town.

Kate offered to make me a savory crepe for breakfast.

I accepted.

By and by, everyone got up.  Jeff asked me to help the kids practice.  I didn't need to be asked twice.

Jane's a natural.

With some encouragement, Ben worked on his piece until he polished it!

After practicing, I was surprised to find Ben downstairs.

Uncle Jeff swooped him into the kitchen where he took a look at his boo boo from Sunday.  Ben held still while Jeff changed the bandage.  Don't worry, I think I'll survive.  I will only add that this boo boo got me out of a church meeting on Sunday, and I wasn't even in the state.

Ella and I had big plans, but before we left, she helped Ben with his shoes.

Ella and I had lunch together.  I had the best time!  We planned out Ella's life through Thursday about noon.  I'm messing with you.  Perhaps we got clear into next week, when school starts.

I dropped Ella off and picked up Ben, who accompanied me on a shopping trip.  He's the best.  For some reason he correctly guessed that I had a package of fruit snacks in my purse.

Late in the afternoon we all returned to Jeff's house.  Ben told Corinne about the local birds.

Jane took my picture with her new watch.

Projects are happening all over Jeff and Jill's house.  Kate practiced the piano this afternoon, but not in the same place where her siblings practiced this morning.

Soon it was time for swimming.  Jane invited some friends.

These kids love the water.

Luke is Little Ben's buddy and made sure he had goggles that fit.

I did not get in the water, but that doesn't mean I stayed dry.  We all had fun.

Meanwhile, Jeff cooked us dinner.

I love hot dogs.  For real.

The evening was wonderful.

After dinner, Jeff got back in the pool, and then the wild action started.

Things got crazy.

Jeff should win the Dad of the Year award.

Then it was time for ice cream.

Guess how much ice cream we ate.

This was a perfect day.

The end.



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