I Think Today Was Thursday

Ben and his mom joined me on my walk this morning.

We spied a heron.

We found a few puddles.

This beautiful birdie is a barn swallow.  I didn't see any barns.

Cormorants aren't very photogenic, but they abound at the lakes.

We took Ben and his friend Kenna to the aquarium this morning.

It's possible that I enjoy the aquarium more than Ben does.

The jellyfish exhibit is one of my favorites.

This is also a favorite.

The last exhibit is the anemones.  I can't take my eyes off these.

Ben was also mesmerized.

After the aquarium, we picked up Ella and enjoyed pho.

I learned today that Ella is the one who introduced Ben to crab at this restaurant.

I ordered a chicken curry sandwich.  They were out of baguettes, so I received this, instead.  It was delicious.

Corinne and I took Ella on a shopping expedition.  Ben helped Papa build a tower.

After I returned, Ben and I worked with perler beads and had a surprising amount of fun.

I love Torchy's.  This is where we ate dinner.  My camera did not remember to take pictures of dinner but trust me, it was delicious.



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