Monday, November 12, 2018

Beautiful Fall Day

Papa and I tended these two wonderful brothers today. Richie adores Bradley.  You can tell that just by looking at their smiles.

Bradley is missing school this week.  His teachers are not letting up on homework.

Richie wanted to sit next to Bradley.  I set up some cars for him to play with.

He took this very seriously and worked next to Bradley.  It was pretty cute.

Papa had the brilliant idea to make pancakes for breakfast.

In the meantime, Richie finished his homework.

Bradley knows the routine around here.

The pancakes were delicious.

Richie knocked on the door of my puzzle closet.  Bradley showed him some favorite toys.

Papa and I bundled up the kids and walked around the block.

Bradley crunched leaves the whole way.

The walk was not boring.  However, I would do well to pay better attention to this little guy's schedule.

Dad showed up for a few minutes.  He used the time to help Bradley with some of his homework.  For the record, I can do third grade math.  More important, Sammie can, too.

I made an attempt this morning to clean off my island.  Richie was perfectly content to sit right there and help.  I wondered if he liked graham crackers.

He does.

Five hours later, I attacked my island again.  I had washed Richie's bottles and let them drain in the white colander.  He was very pleased to find them.  He carefully and lovingly played with the bottle parts while I tidied up around him.

When the onion got tossed into the sink, it was time to move on.

In the meantime, Bradley played with my magnets, everyone's favorite.

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