Everyone Loves Jonathan

Jonathan is a peaceful, sweet baby.  Keeping the oxygen tube in place is a little challenge, though.

Melissa is a wonderful mother, and sometimes she lets me help out.

Matt and Will joined us for burgers this afternoon.  Have I posted too many pictures of burgers lately?  We've been busy, is my rationalization.  No one complains, either.

Our conversations wander all over the place.  Sometimes serious, but usually not.

I've discovered vegetable chips.  I think they are growing on everyone else.  Will had seconds.  Thirds.  Fourths.

I needed to get dessert from the freezer.  Matt offered to hold Jonathan so I could go downstairs.  (Note:  It's not possible to take a baby tethered to an oxygen tank down the stairs.)

There are always dessert options here, but this is becoming a favorite.

Will became curious about the baby.  I won't say he held him, but he talked to Jonathan when he squawked.

Aunt Jenny met Jonathan tonight.  He's always polite, just so you know.

Dad and big brothers flew home.  I took this picture before they left.  Hopefully Melissa and Jonathan can join them soon.


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