Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Feeding the Fish and Other Fun Activities

Richie has decided he likes Papa.  A lot.

I found something unexpected this morning on my couch, wrapped to the gills in a fleece blanket.  It was Bradley, who had left a warm basement and come upstairs in the night where the heat is out.  My guess is he was choosing proximity over warmth.  I found a quilt for him.  He didn't move.

In the meantime, Papa fed Richie leftover pancakes.  You can tell I was keeping him extra warm, but don't worry, the heat from the basement furnace was giving us some heat upstairs.

Of course, it's never too cold for ice cream.  Richie loves the box.

Richie was pretty excited when the furnace repair guy showed up.  Richie offered to climb up into the attic and help.  If you know Richie, you know the sound he's making.  Song of the whale sort of sound.

At some point, Richie realized Bradley was on the couch.  Any sleeping was suddenly over.

There is never a dull moment with these two cute kids.

When Bradley is not working on homework, he's building something with my magnets.  Or having fun with Richie.

Bradley actually uses the instructions that came with the magnets.  Other grandchildren would be wise to follow suit.

Sammie showed up, sans new baby brother.  All is well, but maybe tomorrow.  Richie threw Papa and me over for Dad.

It's getting close to bedtime.  Papa is tending while I'm working on pictures.  Papa, the king of feeding fish, knows how to feed them from the warmth and comfort of our living room.  Richie was delighted to help!

I'm listening to Sesame Street.  The sound is up.  But Richie prefers headphones.  All the better to hear Elmo with!

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