Friday, November 16, 2018

No Rest for the Weary

I make great burgers.  Papa does, too.  Interestingly, one bun is always toasted more than the others.  It's always mine.  If it ever doesn't happen, I make it happen.  I like burnt toast, too.  New trick:  we grill the onion and put it under the cheese.

You are looking at a bun with the sesame seeds picked off.  Turns out that Bradley was once attacked by sesame seeds, and he has never forgiven them.

Richie and I like our walks together very much.  He was squawking up a storm after lunch, but I plunked him in the stroller, and he was as peaceful as could be.

We spied a trailer of horses in our neighborhood.  I have no explanation.

This bird lives in a small grove of trees near us.  Each day as we walk along a nearby path, the bird follows us.  My camera captured him today.  Maybe tomorrow I'll name him.

Richie has developed quite a bit of affection for Papa Ben.  I was out all morning and Papa was the designated caregiver.  Tonight, Richie would have nothing to do with me.  He only wanted Papa.  They are doing a little head-knocking in this photo.

Richie was contented as could be tonight, sitting next to Papa.  Sometimes they watched Daniel Tiger, sometimes shows with balls.  Richie didn't care as long as he was next to Papa.

Early in the week Papa observed that this random burp cloth was actually Richie's blankie.  He loves it.  When Richie is tired, he spreads out the blankie and rests his head on it.  Bradley comes and goes, but Richie has been ours all week.  And maybe, just maybe, new brother will come home tomorrow.

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