Saturday, November 17, 2018

Someone New to Love

Richie in the mornings has become one of my favorite things.  He loves the lantern we all sleep with now, and you can see he's singing whale song.

Naptime comes more frequently than Richie wants.  I need you to trust me on this, but Richie really needed a nap.  I gave him a bottle, his binkie, his favorite little blankie, and I plunked him gently in the pack n play.  Then I laid down on the floor and closed my eyes.  I was thinking I could make him think it was my nap time, too.  Richie wasn't buying it.  He wasn't crying, but he was not pleased.  Lots of whale song.  Then, wham!  He had thrown out his blankie and hit me!  I decided not to move.  Then, blam!  He hit me with his binkie!  Then, he found a missing binkie in the bedding and threw that at me, too.  By then I was laughing.  I declared him the victor and freed him from jail.

A little while later, Baby Brother arrived from the hospital. Richie was delighted.

Jonathan is fine, but he needs a little extra oxygen, hopefully for just a few days.  I got to feed him a bottle and burp him.  You can be jealous.

So far, he's been a very peaceful baby.  See that smile?  I have one just like it.

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